Frequently asked questions

With new buyers and sellers every week, there are plenty of questions being asked.

Below are some of the most common questions we get asked.



In person:

Many people still like to attend the auction in person and bid for the lots they are interested in as they come up. You may think you are the only nervous newcomer in the saleroom but there are first time buyers every week and the auctioneers are quite used to helping out novice buyers. The commonly held misconception that if you scratch your ear during a sale you are likely to be landed with something very expensive and unwanted is quite untrue. The unique number on your client registration card not only makes it easier to administer the sale, it also helps you bid clearly.

See our Buying at Auction page for information on how to register.



With the dawn of the technological age, more and more bidders join us online from all round the world. From Boston to Budapest, even to our own back yard in Bedford! We do however always strongly advise bidders to come in and view in person where possible, but if you find you can't make it on sale day you can tune in to any of our sales using the relevant auction platforms.

See our Online Bidding page for more information.

General information:

On successful purchase of items at auction, payment of your invoice should be made via any of the following accepted methods of payment as per our terms:

  • Cash
  • Debit card (in person)
  • Direct bank transfer (details on invoice)

Note : We do not accept any form of credit card payment or any type of card payment over the telephone.

Attention is drawn to the Auctioneers Conditions of Sale. In particular, it is emphasised that all accounts must be settled on the day of sale. Please always remember that the lots purchased are at your own risk from the fall of the hammer, it is therefore in your own interest to get everything paid and collected as soon as possible.


Additional information for international transfers:

For a fast, low cost way to pay internationally we recommend making payment through our referral link with From the homepage, select “Send money now”, enter the invoice total into “Recipient gets” box and select GBP which will then calculate the cost to you in your preferred sending currency including all fees.

VAT registered vendors selling items with us have to charge VAT on the goods they sell.
Lots labelled with VAT stickers or listed as "+VAT" will therefore also have VAT added to the bid price.

For example:
Bid price 100.00
Buyer’s premium @ 17.5% plus VAT = £21.00
Hammer VAT @ 20% on £100 = £20.00
Total £141.00

Buyer's Premium:

It is common place for auctioneers to charge a fee to buyers on top of the hammer or bid price achieved. This fee is known in the industry as buyer's premium, which we charge at 17.5 % plus VAT.



In addition to the standard fees we charge as auctioneer, there are other regular charges that may become applicable which you should make yourself aware of.



Where a vendor selling goods is registered for VAT, we are required to collect VAT on their behalf. Lots that are labelled with VAT stickers or listed as "+VAT" in the catalogue will therefore also have VAT added to the bid price.


Platform fees:

To make our sales available online we utilise the services of multiple auction platform providers.

Clients bidding on a live or timed sale hosted on our site, or will be charged an additional 3% plus VAT platform fee.

Clients bidding via or will be charged an additional 5% plus VAT platform fee.

Commission bids left on our site or bids made in person will not attract any additional platform fees.


Storage charges:

It is imperative that buyers clear their goods in good time after the sale, within the collection terms to which they have signed up. The auctioneer reserves the right to raise storage charges where buyers fail to do so.

These charges are of course completely avoidable if you, as a buyer, ensure you organise prompt collection within the terms of the auction.

All invoices are emailed at the end of the sale so please ensure you have provided us with your email address.

Alternatively if you are onsite on sale day and have finished bidding you can also head to the office to obtain a copy and pay and clear straight away!

No! All items at auction are sold as seen with no warranty or guarantees!

Items are never sold as new and all considered to be second hand (although sometimes you may snag a bargain on an unusued or sealed item).

VAT stickers do not mean an item is new, simply that the vendor is themselves VAT registered.

An important question, and one that regularly trips up first time buyers.

The electrical test stickers you may see on items do not give any indication that the item is fully functioning. These stickers are simply to confirm electrical safety of the product to be sold.

All prospective bidders are encouraged to view and test items for themselves prior to purchasing. All our sales come with viewing opportunities and buyers failing to do so take the risk on themselves if an item does not function as they hope.